Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Small by Michael Hague

A blue light flashes…only for a second…and then things….change. What seems like an ordinary day is no longer ordinary. People’s lives have changed. Gone are the luxuries of living people are accustomed to. Gone is the support society relies on. Gone is the 21st century life built on concrete, gold, and transportation.

Mouse is a unique individual, who has the power see the future, although not completely. He and his father are in Manhattan when the blue light strikes, leaving all of humanity changed irrevocably. He knows where he’s supposed to go and also knows the challenges ahead.
His mother, his grandfather and sister Beatrix (Beat) are at home when chaos extends its fingers throughout the world. They have to alter everything they know, including the sudden loss of friends and family, and cling to survival. Their only hope clings around building a new life, one small tiny step at a time.
But change, although sudden, hasn’t quite stopped…there will be more change, but only a few know it…
I WANT THE SEQUEL NOW!!! Hague fills this graphic novel with eye-riveting scenes, depicting not only the struggle and shock of what happens to the main characters, but also the determination which fills many of them, but not all. As with all good graphic novels, the illustrations give the reader an insight into Armageddon as well as the emotions and situations that can be read on the faces of those facing it. Excellent graphic novel that should be shelved in libraries. This is definitely not your superhero or anime/manga book – it’s class graphic novel at its finest.

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