Monday, June 20, 2011

Prezi booktalks/lists

Thanks to everyone for coming to the presentation at SLSA day in Ft. worth!  I learned a lot and enjoyed sharing as well : )  Here are the two link for the presentations I showed:  (Fall 2010) (Spring 2011)


Friday, June 3, 2011

Num8ers: The Cha0s by Rachel Ward

Adam knew he inherited the gift from his mother.  He sees their numbers, the day they'll die, and it's a curse.  His father died before he got to know Adam, and his mother passed away nine years ago.  Now, it's the year 2026, and Adam knows something terrible is going to happen soon - 01012027....

Sarah is trapped.  What's happened at her house has left permanent damage emotionally, and she's now holding onto the one good thing that could happen in her situation - a baby.  And she knows she has to get away from Him.  Her mother has turned a blind eye, and Sarah can't take it anymore.  But more than that, it's the nightmare that keeps recurring, that of a scarred monster stealing her baby and taking it through flames and fire.  She can shake the nightmare she's living, but she can't shake the nightmare that keeps coming back to haunt her.

Now in London, Adam and Sarah's paths cross.  She can't help but be repulsed and drawn to Adam at the same time.  He doesn't look like the monster in her dreams, but she draws away from him.  Adam, on the other hand is drawn to Sarah, including her number, which isn't like the thousands of others he's seen.  She's a beacon of hope in a world set to destruct on New Year's Day.

No sooner have their paths crosses, when they're separated again.  And Nan, Adam's great-grandmother is telling him to do something his mother told him to always keep a secret.  She's trying to persuade him that he can save lives, and numbers can be changed...but can they?  Adam only hopes he can find Sarah, who is a missing link in this awful event, and he needs to find her quickly before their world ends in destruction.

Rachel Ward has once again written a thrilling novel that carries readers to the very end.  Suspenseful, intriguing, she creates characters and a future world that is thoroughly believable.  Although this is a sequel, it can also be read as a stand-alone book, which is a trait of an excellent follow-up to an original story.  Teens will love this one because of the fast-paced situations and the ultimate ending.  A quick look at the third book in this trilogy at the end of this one will make all readers hold on for another great book.  Recommended