Friday, July 28, 2017

#NTXLibCamp Resources

Three years ago, a group of librarians in North Texas decided to create the first ever libcamp in our area.  From the beginning it has grown every year and this was no exception.  There were librarians from the area, but also librarians from Austin, Houston and El Paso who attended.  PLUS teachers were encouraged to come and we have several in the crowd as well.

But the most important takeaway from LibCamp was the mass of information wealth librarians across all grade levels, expertise, years of service and awesomeness contributed toward to make this such a great professional development experience!  

And if you have something that amazing, it needs to be shared.  A google doc of the event was archived for anyone who came to have access to, but I thought it was valuable enough to share it with everyone.  Please use/read/glean from it what you can to use at your school or share with your own personal PLN.  That's the beauty of's an amazing thing!  

Here's the link to the Google Doc from NTXLibcamp 17

Also, if you'd like to see them in Twitter format, search the #ntxlibcamp hashtag to catch a quick glimpse of the highlights :)

SUPER great before school starts!! :)  Have a Happy New (School) Year 2017-18!!!