Friday, April 12, 2013

25 Book Campaign for high schools

This isn't going to be a typical blog, more like all the notes I made when talking to two outstanding junior high librarians who do this at their campuses.  There, of course will be some tweaking for high school, but I can see this happening :)  So in incomplete sentence and bulleted notes, here's what was said:
  • Prizes awarded at 5, 8, 12, 15,20, and 25 books.  Prizes are incremental, ie school bracelet, ice cream, coupon for Chick Filet, front of the line lunch pass or one-day delayed assignment, and a trip to Main Event.  Every five books after that going in a drawing for iTunes cards
  • ELA teachers are responsible for keeping track (one teacher does book conversations)
  • Students don't like to write down anything or keep logs
  • Librarian role is to help find books and keep interest high
  • Advisory time is DEAR time, once a week for 25-30 minutes
  • Do books by genre
Another junior high does this program:
  • Create a Moodle page for the 25 Book Campaign.
  • Embed a database into the Moodle page.  HTML will show up if it's copied and pasted
  • Iterate this is NOT an ELA thing.  It's a school thing
  • Dates are important to the database so only that month is checked
  • Students are allowed to keep adding into previous entries to create on book account
  • Teachers can export an .xls document and sort information
  • What has access to the database?  The librarian manages it and disseminates the info to teachers
High school adaptation and ideas of implementation:
  • get students involved in the process.  Call the President's Club (president's and one other rep from each club on campus) to be the voice of the students
  • Classroom competition for pizza parties?
  • Advisory-based bulletin boards throughout the school to promote readers
  • Teachers are expected to read 25 books as well.  They will get rewarded too.  Modeling is important
  • Must decide what a book is:  do magazine articles count?  How about reading news or articles online?  Classroom required reading can be used.  Page count is important.  ie 10 magazine or online articles represent 1 book
  • Librarian's role is to roam and do mini booktalks to classes.  Check out books on the spot using online catalog
  • Each advisory teacher will be responsible for their group.  These are typically smaller in size than regular classes and more equitable instead of doing this only in ELA classes.  EVERY teacher is involved, not just a department
  • Do a prize patrol to reward students - make it a big celebration, not just an announcement.  Principals will be in charge of this
  • Modify this program for SPED students so they can actively participate.
I don't know of many high schools that do this, so this is an exciting and curious journey we'll be undertaking next year.  When things get settled in, I'll be sure to add more information.

This was an email I received from a librarian today that I thought was an excellent idea I will also pitch to the committee:

In Pasadena, TX we have the Name That Book Challenge and each level has a list of 20 books to read and then culminates with a  competition team of 5-7 from each school.  Quotes are used at the competition to determine a winner of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place @ the Elementary level (3-4), Middle (5th & 6th) Intermediate (7 & 8) and HS.  Each level competes against the same level.  This is my first year but my students are really excited and are really working hard to get to the competition.  This is done district wide and is part of our Gotta Keep Reading Campaign.  It also gives students who love to read a competition to work for and medals to earn. 


Sue Fitzgerald said...

What an awesome start!

Naomi Bates said...

Thank YOU for your valuable input about databases!!!

sandraca said...

I would love to do something like this. Any suggestions for getting teachers onboard?

sandraca said...

I would love to do something school-wide like this. My reading promos have been hit or miss types of things. Any ideas for getting teachers onboard?

bj neary said...

This is our first year for Ghosts Read. It is school wide. Each month, 3 students who have participated, will receive a gift certificate and there will be a pizza party at the end of the school year for the top 20-30 readers (pages)and the top 3 readers will receieve gift certificates. There is a form students fill out and then take it to teacher or librarian and with book in hand provide quick, plot, characters, theme and favorite part of book. This information is signed off on by a teacher or librarian and taken to library and information (student name, pages read)is placed on an excel sheet. There is a display case in the hallway with monthly winners and the total amount of pages read for the month. It was begun to increase recreational reading. Happy with the results so far.

Naomi Bates said...

Sandra, this came from our admin. Many will participate but many may not. I think it's one of those programs you have to continue and not stop because only a certain percentage participated. I'm believing and hope the students perpetuate it.

Naomi Bates said...
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Naomi Bates said...

BJ Thank you so much for sharing this information. Good stuff!

Donna Kistner said...

Hi Ms. Bates Your blog is awesome!! I can't wait to one day be in a library too, so I can use some of your super cool ideas for the 25. Have you ever hosted an online book club where students just blog and discuss a book on their own. I am wondering if this would entice a few of my reluctant ones to participate more.

Naomi Bates said...

Hey Donna-
I have played around with and it's a great book club site....I'm just not sure how to put 2500 kids in it. But I'll have to agree with you - anything tech and the students are all over it!
Thank you for your kind words :)