Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hysteria by Megan Miranda

Walker Books, 2013

Mallory knows the definition of isolation because she’s living it right now.  Her mother avoids her; Colleen, her best friend, is forbidden to see her; and Brian…..well, he’s dead.  

Mallory was the one that killed him, but she was never charged with murder.  Although she’s technically free, it doesn’t seem like it.  Brian’s mother is constantly parked in front of their house waiting and watching.  She can’t help but bump into Dylan, Brian’s younger brother and knowing he sees a murderer.  The whole town looks at her differently, whispering behind her back.  The best thing her parents can do is remove her from the situation.

On the day Mallory enters Monroe Prep, she knows her past has followed her, thanks to the dean’s son, Jason.  For her, it was dislike at first sight.  For him, it was a new target.  Then comes the dorm debacle, with her roommate moving out as soon as she hears about Mallory’s past.  No matter where she goes, the isolation follows.  Krista and Taryn, part of the Monroe student elite, snubs her and makes sure everyone else follow suit.  Herd mentality at its best.

But at night, Mallory knows she’s not alone.  Something or someone has followed her, getting into her room at night, whispering to her.  She sees a car near campus, waiting just outside the gates…too much like home.  So, she copes with all of this through sleeping meds, but she still hears the Boom Boom Boom of Brian’s heart, still hears his voice, and sees his searing handprint on her shoulder.  No one can help, not even Reid, the person Mallory allows closest into her private life.  

And then the unthinkable happens and Mallory is once again center stage….

Megan Miranda has written a provocative psychological mystery that interweaves stories both known and unknown.  In traditional format, the reader gets to see the viewpoints of all the major characters in the book, but it’s the main character and her battle with the trauma she went through that will carry the readers into wanting to know what will ultimately happen to her and who exactly is involved.  The reader will question which character they can trust, and which ones they find culpable.  The cover is equally dynamic, also hinting at the mystery hidden within the pages.  Is someone getting framed?  If so, who and why? 

Those looking for a thrilling read will be sure to enjoy this one. 

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