Friday, April 19, 2013

Ounce of Curation is Worth a Pound of Cure: Information about Digital Curation

I've been fascinated about digital curation and its uses in education.  So here, in note-taking format, are things I put down about digital curation after I proposed this to our tech department as a topic for a  tweetchat.  It's also sparked me to use this for a presentation proposal at a tech conference(crossing my fingers!)
Read on if you want to know a little more about digital curation :)

DC is the process of sorting through too much information and packaging it around a theme

it is NOT the same as social sharing or repost/retweet.  It's not about ME, but more about the INTENT

You can include social media for S (students) to access content and leave feedback as a source of evaluation; Storify; Pinterest;; digital bookmarks; (best testing); Flipboard

Impacts digital literacy, student engagment and creativity

Get S to curate for projects, research papers et al to collaboratively share information

T (teachers) can use across curriculums as well as enhance their own

DC MUST use Bloom's through forum and discussion.  Don't use curation tools to simply bookmark sites.  It MUST ENGAGE students!

DC should answer the why, who for, and the value of its whole for T and S together

DC isn't autonomous and helps create a broader PLN

When textbooks are no long used in a class, DC is an alternative to creating your own textbook

McGraw Hill Create excellent example of DC

Open Author another good example.  Also excellent OER

Knowmia over 10k video lessons for teachers, including creating/sharing lesson plans and vids

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bj neary said...

I loved your post. My is not something I use for my students, I like to collect young adult books and my reviews and put them on as a way to explore YA books and you know I will order and read anything you recommend on YA Books and More:) Thank you for your reviews and book trailers, they are insightful and ground breaking!