Friday, May 29, 2009

WAY cool!!!

The list is well under way and it's AMAZING what web 2.0 can do! I feel like I'm part of a community of professionals - collaborating, creating, talking together. Guys, thanks for being a part of this!!
It's FRIDAY!!! I'm in the mancave hanging out with my lovely enjoying the weekend like no other. I'm just so thankful and proud to be part of this : )
You are the BOMB!!!


Janice Robertson said...

Would love to be part of it, but I'm doing something wrong. How do I find the password?

Sherry T. said...

This is fabulous! Which program did you use to make it?

bj neary said...

Also I did an Author Challenge on Goodreads 2 years ago (but some authors I read that year were older than 5 years--sorry)and I can provide that:
BJ’s Author Challenge
A: Laurie Halse Anderson
B:Geraldine Brooks
C: Chris Crutcher
D:Sharon Draper
E: Janet Evanovich
F: Sharon Flake
G: Ernest Gaines
H: Khaled Hosseini
J: Angela Johnson
K: Ron Koertge
L: David Levithan
M:Walter Dean Myers
N: Donna Jo Napoli
O: Joyce Carol Oates
P: Susan Beth Pfeffer
R: Dana Reinhardt
S:Jerry Spinelli
T:Terry Trueman
V:Paul Volponi
W:Ellen Witlinger
Y: Jane Yolen
Z: Markus Zusak