Friday, September 18, 2009

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

Jessica Packwood is starting her senior year in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. She has some hopes and wishes, which includes dating hunky blonde and handsome Jake, staying away from the catty Faith Crosse and the vile Frank Dormand, and making it to state with her mathematics team. Jessica knows her parents are a little different - her mom is a cultural anthropologist professor and her father believes in yoga and tofu. But her life is grounded in reality, facts and figures. But that all changes the first day of school when she meets....

Lucius Vladescu, the new exchange student. Dark, tall, charismatic, Lucius represents all that Jessica finds fascinating but dangerous. She shuns him from the first, but quickly realizes he's stalking her and has a purpose. And that purpose is revealed when her parents confirm the new Romanian exchange student isn't just a teen from the Carpathians, but the prince of the Vladescu family - one of the strongest vampire families in the world. And guess who's the Dragomir princess?

Jessica can't believe what she's hearing, much less that believe in vampires, but slowly things begin to tell. With the help of a book, Growing Up Dead: A Teen Vampire's Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions, Jessica's scepticism grows to certainty, but is it too little to late?

Fantaskey's book is the perfect blend of dark, sinister goth and the halls of a typical high school - full of crushes, backstabbing, he said she said, sports, dances and more. And the setting backs up the plot - Romania meets rural Pennsylvania. Nothing like other vampire books I've read, Fantaskey brings her characters to true form, infusing them with typical teenage behavior throughout all cliques. Although it may have the formulaic appeal of a romance novel, this one begs to be read all the way through....and I loved every single page! Buy multiple copies of this one - you'll need them all!! Booktrailer to follow -I feel the pull...

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