Monday, October 5, 2009

Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser

Madison lives in a well-to do town, drives a nice car, knows the right people…and her life is becoming a nightmare. What starts off as a blog of one student nickednamed Str-S-d, who writes about her hatred of the popular people and wishing they were dead turns into murder. Coincidence or not?

One by one, the most popular people start disappearing, and Madison isn’t sure how or why, but there are things that bothers her.First, who is PBleeker and why does he or she keep sending cryptic texts to her phone? Why is her best friend Courtney acting so strangely? And the new student in school Madison is attracted to – is it a fatal attraction? Maddison needs to find answers quickly before she becomes the next victim or someone close to her is killed…Strasser writes an excellent mystery book with a twist that YA readers will eat up. I’ve read almost all of

Strasser’s YA novels, and this one is a departure from his past ones. Not based on reali-life statistics, this book brings together the finesse that takes YA mystery to the top. Fast-paced, this book grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the very end when you finally found out what happens to the victims. In a genre that is hard to find, this book will be one checked out by those who love murder mysteries. Companion books to Strasser’s newest novel would include Gail Giles’s What Happened to Cass McBride or John Halliday’s Shooting Monarchs.


Paige Y. said...

This sounds wonderful -- would it be appropriate for 6th - 8th graders?

Anonymous said...

I'm 8th grader and when I read Wish You Were Dead I was blown away. It's a fabulous book filled with twists and turns. The ending is unbelievable and the middle is even better. I reccomend this book to young people that like mysteries and a book that will keep you on your seat.

Anonymous said...

I'm a freshman at high school. i read this book for a fiction english book report and i loved this book. your absolutely right about how if you like mystery's then you will lovee this book.
i think that Todd Strasser should make a series out of this book or make it into a movie. i think it would be a big hit.