Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe

Kyle is obsessed with rewriting Scene Three. He's done it Tarantino style, Hitchcock style...but nothing seems to work. It's because he's blocked out what really happened, and all he wants to do is forget it ever did. What happened? It was the day he killed his best friend.

Jason and Kyle have been friends since they were little, but high school has changed their friendship. While Kyle seems to have stayed true to himself, he feels Jason has changed - he's moved into the jetset life of a football player and now there's little time shared between the two.

One weekend, after breakfast, Kyle and Jason find themselves in the old shed in the backyard. And in that shed, they find an old pistol...and that's where Kyle is stuck in his mind movie.

Life takes a decidedly different twist for Kyle, not only in his personal life, but at school and with his probation officer as well. After what happened, Kyle can't forgive himself and feels he deserves any punishment that comes to him. When he goes to court though, he can't believe the verdict. And once again, Kyle finds himself trapped at home, in his mind...all with the reality that he killed someone. But did he do it on purpose or was it truly an accident?

Heidi Ayarbe writes an incredibly compelling book about the actions, reactions and consequences of two guy's lives. Kyle becomes a real person the reader not only sees in flashbacks, but in real time, as well as what goes on inside Kyle's head. The other characters in the book not only act as a backdrop to understanding Kyle, but are strong characters as well, from his little sister to Jason's brother, to the parents involved. This is a page turner where the reader will want to know what Kyle's ending will be to the movie scene that continually runs in his mind. Recommended.

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