Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

Cody’s in his junior year in high school in Colorado. He’s looking at a full-time scholarship to college, and dating the most perfect girl in town. Clea and Cody may come from different backgrounds, but they both know they were meant to be together. That is, until Clea’s very wealthy father decides to intervene.
To keep them apart, Clea is shipped first to Hong Kong, and then to a private boarding school in Vermont. Cody sees his world slowly shifting, especially after a severe knee injury that takes him off the scouting and recruiting list. With an alcoholic father at home, life takes and downward spiral, and Cody drops out of school to take on a full-time job with the local lumber yard.
But it takes a new report about the disappearance of Clea to push Cody out of his spiral. He immediately makes plans to drive to Vermont to find Clea, dead or alive, and his mission takes him into a mysterious cover-up and some very dangerous people.
Abrahams delivers a powerful YA mystery that unfolds itself slowly at first, but gains momentum with each page turned. In an area of genres for teens that is lacking, this book belongs on the top shelf of YA mystery. Teens can see the real-life situation of the main character as he charges head first into a dangerous arena that is all too real in teens’ lives as well. Recommended.

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