Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Trailer Tech Tip: Less is More

One thing that really bogs down a trailer is adding TOO MUCH...too many transitions, too many effects... Simple is better by far. Here are the three transitions on moviemaker I use the most because they're hard-working and do the job everytime:
1. fade
2. dissolve
3. page curl (for multiple images in a row), and
4. shatter in where the denouement is revealed.

There are lots of other transitions, but the ones the are simple are the ones that seem to make the trailer more polished...
Next week I'll talk about effects : )

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Anonymous said...

Naomi - Thank you for your expert suggestions. I look forward to creating my book trailer this summer. As I read new books I think about what the trailer would look like for it. Excited about getting into this medium!