Monday, January 10, 2011

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride dropout, hamburger flipper.  His best friends work with him at Plumpy's and they include Ramon, the connoisseur of burger flipping, Frank who wants to please everyone, and Brooke, the hot chick Frank's eyes follow whenever he gets a chance.  Just a typical burger joint in Seattle.  All it takes is a game of potato hockey and a knocked out light on a Mercedes to change Sam's world from normal to paranormal, to say the least.

Sam has always been an outsider.  He's never fit in, felt right in a crowd....but he's used to it by now.  But when Douglas Montgomery comes into his life, he has to find a way to find himself, especially after discovering he's not just a drop out hambuger flipper whose mother loves herbs and potions.  After struggling through several sources, Sam finds out his mother is a real witch...literally...and Sam is a necromancer - he can communicate and bring back the dead.  And Douglas Montgomery, most powerful necromancer in the Seattle area, wants that power. 

With the help of a ragtag bunch of friends (including a talking head) and some unusual acquaintances (we're talking witches, hounds of hell, fey, a seer and a Harbinger) Sam has seven days to find out if he'll apprentice under the dark and dangerous tutelage of Douglas or try to go back to his normal world, if normal is what you'd call it after the powerful Montgomery kills his family and friends.  Really, what choice do you have?

What a riot to read!  Lish McBride has done a fine job of blending a supernatural story with humor and tongue-in-cheek comebacks.  If the title doesn't send a message, then the chapters will.  Taking from song lyrics like "She's a Lady" to "Sweet Child o' Mine" to "Don't Fear the Reaper," McBride has created a quick read with quick wit.  Readers will enjoy reading about Sam's life from Plumpy's to his messed up, beaten up forays into the unknown world of magic and the power of the Council.  Humorous horror....I've read a few and this one doesn't disappoint.  Recommended.

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