Monday, January 2, 2012

Ebooks and Libraries: A Stream of Concerns

Ebooks and Libraries: A Stream of Concerns

I've really tried to justify the using of Kindles and Nooks in the library, and I've really been researching this topic. I just don't think that I'm ready to jump into this whole concept. Right now we have 1:1 netbook to student ratio, and I quite like the free e-books available to them..... I really like this blog. More to come


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

Naomi, are netbooks provided to the students at school?

I'm very open to e-format--my Tantalize series is available that way and Candlewick is offering free downloads of a couple of my short stories set in the same universe.

But I'm also concerned about access for all young readers and whether needing any tech device to access the books constitutes a low/high barrier. (Especially in tight budget times.)

If you ever have a chance to tackle it, I'd love to know more about how all this is manifesting in schools.

Thanks so much for all you do, and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any recommendations for where students can access free e-books on their laptops?

naomibates said...

Hi Cynthia -
At our campus, we are 1:1 student to netbook ratio, so they have Adobe Digital Editions where they can read e-books. It's also this way for the entire district, including K-8. Our district adopted this model from another neighboring one, but I'm seeing more 1:1 ratios in our North Texas area. This could be quite a boon for publishers and e-book formats. It's also much more versatile that a Kindle or Nook

naomibates said...

For free e-books for their laptops, make sure they have ADE installed. Project Gutenberg is best, but there are others out there as well.

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