Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Club has begun!

So, I kicked off the first meet and greet with the kids who wanted to do a book club, and I was quite surprised that I had 24 interested in doing this!
I told them that this wasn't going to be the "traditional" book club where we read one book and talk.  It was going to be so much more.  So I gave them all a glance at what we'll be doing, and thought I'd share them with you:

So now I'm thinking about December and what we'll be doing as crafty.  I went to a friends house for a party and saw this amazing wreath and thought, "Yup...that's what I'll be doing!"  So here's the link on how to create it.  I'll put these on display in the library before they take them home for the holidays :)

Now to think of a catchy name

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