Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Razorbill, 2013

Hannah can't seem to get away from the tragedy of losing her best friend, Lillian.  Friends since they were little, Hannah saw what was slowly happening to Lillian, but never tried to help her.  Six months ago she died, and everyday since then, Hannah has to live with the ghost of what was her best friend...literally.At first, it was shocking, but both of them seem to have a symbiotic relationship with their newfound "friendship." 

Now, it's summer and a deathly hot one in the city of Ludlow where Hannah lives with her mother, step-father and sister.  She spends her time working for her aunt Kelly and trying to keep up with her twelve year old sister Ariel.  But it's a strange kind of summer....especially with the chokehold of a horribly hot season ahead of her.

Hannah prefers to spend time alone more than with the group of friends she and Lillian hung around with.  As the alpha in the group, Lillian took control, but with her gone, they've all changed, but not Hannah.  She doesn't take part of the corporate teen look and basicallydoesn't let anything get to her.  It takes a sensational story in the news; a glimpse of hidden photos at work, and a strange boy to change Hannah's summer into one she wasn't ready to have.

A murdered girl is found in Muncy Park, surrounded my cheap plastic toys everywhere.  In her hand is a clumsily made Valentine.  Although this frightens most people in town, it's nothing when compared to their reaction of a second victim, staged the same way.  Then a third....

Hannah is drawn deeper into the murder through coincidence and circumstance, and the more she knows, the closer the killer gets to....

Part supernatural, party mystery, Brenna Yovanoff spins a tale of intrigue set on a foundation of friendships and relationships.  Hannah is definitely the central character, but she wears so many hats (from sister, to daughter; friend to enemy; stranger to family) that what could be a flat plot turns into one with many different paths that will ultimately lead to the unexpected inevitable.  Good girl gone wrong or wrong girl looking for good?  The reader innately knows the outcome, but it will come as a surprise nonetheless.  Great book for readers who enjoy both genres. 

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