Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twitter 2013: My Year in Review

I love Twitter for one HUGE reason - I learn everyday from it.  There are some amazing people I follow that have shared so much!  It's hard to keep up with everything on my Twitterfeed, but that's why there's the handy dandy favorites!  When I see a link that I need to investigate further, a quote that means a lot to me, or a picture that sparks interest, I put it in my favorites.  So here are some of my most favorites on Twitter:

1 Dec
RT: : 8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When [Infographic]

26 Nov

Thank you for keeping up w/book series in an easy search format! you guys ROCK! 

Great job! RT : For open house tonight

5 Good Places for Students to Find Public Domain Images

MT On my to-do list!Via@sue_fitz: RT:15 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine to Create Social Videos from

Curious about YA historical fiction? Kim's genre guide and extensive reading list

Two Awesome Presentations on Digital Literacy for Teachers  

A2 I have students that read all day and are no better for it. I can read a French novel, that doesn't make me fluent in French. 

Educators take note The ultimate list of free stock photo sites for elearning

A great first sentence is a hot recipe for book love :-D 

I don't know if you are aware, but a couple great chats... 7-8 pm Tues., and 8-9 pm Wed. GREAT stuff!

We need to go to you as librarians first. Shame on us for forgetting. You are part of the viable curriculum! 

: The power of online collaboration....Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'

lecture in the 14th century. Look at the engagement of the last row...

I feel_______. You feel in the blank.

50 Terrific Twitter Feeds for School Librarians - Best Colleges Online via

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Nice list. Yay For #KyLCHat