Wednesday, April 30, 2014

15 Ways You Know the Library is Still Here at the End of the Year

I was collaborating with a fellow librarian to come up with something with some humor in it to remind teachers about some of the things that are still going on with the library.  It prompted me to write this countdown:

15 Ways You Know The  Library is Still Here at the End of the Year:

1.       Students are coming back to class with checked out books

2.       Teachers haven’t received an email wanting a detailed list of everything they have checked out for the past 20 years

3.       When you see the library lights on, the door is actually unlocked

4.       Teachers are getting more requests to collaborate with them on technology than the previous six weeks

5.       You hear a mysterious beeping noise coming from the library (it’s inventory time!)

6.       When you send 15 kids to the library, 12 come back because of the rule of 3

7.       The panic in seniors begins to rise when they find out they owe a fine from their freshmen year

8.       There are updates on the library Twitter,  Instagram, and blog accounts

9.       The AP research students aren’t roaming the halls during their study periods

10.   Technology continues to receive requests for help or to open up a website

11.   When teachers email the library, they get a quick response along with #4 (see above)

12.   A teacher comes back bragging about the fact that they successfully booked the library for classes during testing season

13.   The principal asks if the librarian can do summer professional development, and the librarian comes by to say, “heck yes!” instead of an email

14.   The library box in the work room is still empty

15.   The laminator is hot when you come into work in the morning.

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