Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Batman Superman Volume 1 Cross World

DC Comics, 2014

Before reading this graphic novel, you should know that the storyline takes place on two worlds, which are both like each other with small variations.  Earth One is where the novel begins, with Batman and Superman meeting in Gotham City not only as old friends, but also to unite against evil mechanisms invading the city.  As they fight they way through the mayhem, Kaiyo, the Chaos Bringer, enters the scene.

Kaiyo is from another universe altogether and she loves to dabble with unexpected outcomes.  She does this well when she takes both Batman and Superman to another world where they meet their younger selves.  Enter Earth Two.

In this world, Batman and Superman are younger versions on themselves, not quite up to speed with their older, newly transported counterparts.  On Earth Two, Superman hasn't yet learned to fly or fall in love and Batman is young and arrogant, thinking himself above any one and any fray.  It's here they meet Kaiyo and find out the chaos she brings is  far bigger and badder than they expected.  Darkseid is coming....

The novel then leaps into another story altogether, giving background into who Darkseid was as a person and how he became an ultimate destroyer with the power of gods.  He rules with an iron fist, leaving no human alive and destroying any worlds he comes into contact with.  Darkseid, taunted and teased for the first time by Kaiyo, is out to kill her, and with this knowledge, Kaiyo is willing to introduce him to opponents worthy of his strength and might.

Can Batman and Superman join forces in both worlds to stave off destruction or can they even begin to see eye-to-eye as they fight to find equal footing, friendship and trust in a completely different world? 

I admit, I haven't read a graphic novel in a long time, and this was a great introduction back into the world of GN and superheroes.  The author and illustrator lead the reader down a rabbit hole of chaos that may not make sense until later in the novel and may require double reading.  But when the reader finally understands the plot...that's when it thickens and begins to mold into the bigger story that continues in three other volumes.  Not only are Superman and Batman present, but Catwoman and Wonder Woman also make their debut.  Filled with larger-than-life characters in situations worthy of them, Greg Pak and Jae Lee write and illustrate an outstanding novel readers will want to continue in the other GNs that follow.  Excellent addition to any graphic novel collection! Recommended upper JH/HS and beyond.
ADDED BONUS:  There's a great addendum that goes through the artwork of this graphic novel from idea to sketch to full image that's AMAZING!!  

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