Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tracked by Jenny Martin

A short review: 
Martin takes racing to a new level in this science fiction book about racing, freedom, and corruption.  Readers will relate to Phee, the main character in the book, whose tough as nails and doesn't let anything stop her.  Although the main character is female, she packs a punch, which makes this appealing to all readers.  The secondary characters round out the book by strategically placing not only teens, but adults in the narrative that aren't just stock characters.  Even better is Martin's ingenious use of slang from the future, revolving around the culture on the planet. 
Vividly descriptive, this book will take any reader to the end.  Like Hunger Games and other dystopia books, it shows not only how far humanity has traveled off the path of democracy, but also how the main characters are willing to sacrifice to make a change.
Highly recommended JH/HS

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