Saturday, June 7, 2008

666: The Number of the Beast

c. 2007 Scholastic

The story collection is divided into three sections (Evil, Darkness, and Beasts) with six stories in each section, hence the title. Pretty clever!!
In Evil you’ll find stories like:
Channel 99 by Peter Abrahams: When Becky stays home because she’s sick, the only thing to do is watch TV. But when things get weirder and weirder, she pulls the plug, but it won’t shut off…and they’re coming for her.
Saving Face by Christopher Pike: All she wanted was the good life, filled with clothes, guys and a great job. So she gets it by killing her identical sister and taking her place. But she sister comes back…

In Darkness, you’ll find stories like:
Erased by Jane Mason: It was a typical beach party for Isobel. But things are completely different after she comes back from a night swim. Has everybody changed that much…or is she the one that’s changed?
Scapegoat by Robin Wasserman: Parker is perfect – perfect looks, perfect clothes, perfect personality. But there is something just a little different about her. When she starts school, things begin to die. First a cat, then a dog….who will be the next in order for Parker to keep up her appearances?

In Beasts, you’ll find stories like:
Shelter Island by Melissa de la Cruz: Shelter Island becomes dead after tourist season, and Hannah starts to feel the loneliness, until he shows up one night in her bedroom. Hannah begins to fall in love, but it could be fatal…because he’s a vampire

Wolfsbane by Sarah Hines Stephens: Hazel is tired is her sister Lupe and her high maintenance. She gets all the attention and Hazel doesn’t get any except some unusual family rules, such as giving Lupe privacy, especially during that time in the month. Why? Because Lupe is a werewolf…

These stories are tailored for the YA reader who can’t get enough of the vampires, werewolves and ghost books out there. If you love series like De la Cruz’s Bluebloods and Meyer’sTwilight or stand alones by A.M Jenkins’s Beating Heart, you'll devour this book. Standout names such as Stolarz, Atwater-Rhodes and De la Cruz have written stories in here as well. These stories and short and sweet and a perfect companion for YA supernatural books.

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