Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson

How much can you retain of your physical self before you're not "you" anymore? Eighty percent? Fifty percent? Ten percent? And if you had only a certain percentage of yourself left, is your soul still intact?

Jenna Fox has been adored and loved by her parents since she was a baby. Every step she made, every accomplishment she's ever done has been recorded on video - and Jenna watches every year she was alive, up to her sixteenth year. The thing is, she can't remember anything she watches.

Jenna wakes up from a coma after a year and her life and memory has altered. Her diet is different, her grandmother pushes her out of arms' reach, and her mother has become more protective than ever. All Jenna wants is a normal life, and the first step is going back to school.

There she meets several "outcasts" in an alternative school, where the big topics are Thoreaus' Walden Pond and the responsibility of the FSEB, the Federal Science Ethics Board.

Jenna slowly begins to recall memories and she struggles to find out what happened her seventeenth year. And then it hits her - the accident, the smell of death, her wanting to die - and the secret her parents have been keeping from her comes out. JWhat she finds out is that the only part of her is the true Jenna Fox - the rest of lab-created. Jenna doesn't know what she is - human or a science project.

Set in the future, this book deals with the possibility of science and medicine and what happens when science begins to slowly take over. It's a world of mutations, medical advances and questions of how far is too far? A crisp-written book that will make the reader wonder what will happen to Jenna and how she handles her life inside her own skin or as an back-up in a computer. Do memories make a person, or is it more than that?


booklady said...

Read about your digital book trailer on the LM_net. Came here to view it. WOW! Great work.

cathyinoz said...

Your book trailers are simply fantastic! How do you do it? I'm certainly 'sold' on reading this book (I'm a primary teacher-librarian in Australia so will indulge in this book for my own interest).
Looking forward to what you may bring out in future.

Sonja said...

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book, as well. It is fantastic! Good work onyour trailer! You've definitely inspired me to try to make a few myself!