Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Ate Dinner with a Goddess...

If only I had known....I signed up for a camp where I'm teaching teens HOW to work with technology and web 2.0 for their schoolwork, and am going to miss out on the chance to hear Teri Lesesne's booktalking workshop in Ft. Worth. So, I was thinking....what would top that? Of course, having dinner with the goddess herself. Amazing...great conversation, great advice, good stories and delicious food. Whoever will be seeing her presentation will continue to be amazed. Damn that I will miss it!!
Am currently working on Paul Volponi's Hurricane Song booktrailer. It should be done by tomorrow night!

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Infomaniac said...

Try to hold on to the thought of how many young people will benefit from what you have to share with them on Web 2.0. I'll look for your next book talk.