Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get ready for some workshops this summer!

I am working with several ESC's to do workshops this summer and am still doing one on how to create booktrailers (this seems to be a perennial favorite, of mine as well!) but I'm also gearing up for brand new, hot out of the oven, fresh-baked web 2.0 for libraries and educators! I'm working on my presentation with one now and it's AMAZING!! We are going to have some fun!!

And the websites? You'll find out soon enough, grasshopper...

Here's where the schedule stands, as of today:

May 18 - Region X Dallas; booktrailers

June 23 - Region XI Ft. Worth; web 2.0

June 25 - Region III; Victoria; booktrailers

June 29-30 - Region IX; Wichita Falls; web 2.0 AND booktrailers!!

I've met so many people, and groups with personality....San Antonio, do you remember the limerick, "There once was a man from Verona..."? We'll have another great summer!!!

So, not only do I have to gear up with web 2.0, but I also have to start creating some trailers to reveal during workshop days. Hmmmmmm...what to read, what to read....

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