Monday, January 4, 2010


That's how I feel when I deliberately read a book and use someone else's trailer in my booktalks. I KNOW that's what they're there for, and I hope I've helped someone out there use mine, but why do I feel so weird about it? Even the word "weird" is a strange word....wierd or weird? My mind is wandering tonight...

Just posted Shiver onto Schooltube. If anyone wants to, you can subscribe to my channel. That's where I'll post other ones I make as well as on my library webpage. Here are the addresses:

NHS Library Digital booktalks:

And now I'm going to reveal a secret...the person who makes the most AMAZING booktrailers ever...she even makes mine look so this chick on youtube whose moniker is "signingupagain" You've GOT to take a look at hers! She's the reason why I went to something more sophisticated than moviemaker, and buying royalty-free music. I can only aspire to be as good as signingupagain, although I don't know if I'll ever achieve that status. But I'm happy playing with my new toys and making them at my leisure - still a passion of mine and will continue to be.

Speaking of, that's what I did part of the day today. Start looking for images and music for my next trailer for Sleepless. Horror, suspense and the supernatural make for much easier trailers than romance, love and friendship. I've tried both, and it takes more time and panache to create a romantic chick lit book than something dark and evil. Oh. My. Gods. took longer than Shiver by far, I think because you have to catch that certain personality of the characters, mood and theme and find the perfect song to match it. My best (I think) so far was Suzanne Selfours's Saving Juliet. And speaking of, I'll be blogging her newest book, Coffeehouse Angel tomorrow!!!

Another weird word is "squirt." Say that a couple of times and you'll know what I'm talking about!! : )

PS- Reading Hush, Hush because I saw the trailer online and will use it in my booktalk, hence the whole reason for this blasted long blog!!

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