Monday, May 10, 2010

Booktrailer tech Tip Monday - Attribution How To...


1. Go to Make sure you use the green areas for your search!! Click on the “find” button on the left hand side.
2. Click on the flickr tab. When this comes up, you need to use the green area at the top for your search. Click off commercial!!
3. Type in the keyword for the image you’d like.
4. When you find an image, click on it to go to the bigger one.
5. Save the image into a folder or anywhere you’d like
6. After you save the image, you need to go back and find the “Additional Information section on the screen where you saved your big image from. Under that, click on the blue hyperlink letters
7. This is where you’re going to find your attribution. It’s a rather long link, so right click and copy or do the control-c to copy this.
8. Go back to your image, do not open it, but right click on it. Click on “properties” and then click on the “summary” tab.
9. Paste your long attribution into the summary. It'll have lots of words, numbers, characters...
10. The only part of this you need begins with and ends with a number. Get rid of everything else to clean up your attribute
11. It should now look like this:

12. That’s all the attribution you need when using a creativecommons flickr image. It has the website, name of the imageholder and the photo ID. This is what you’ll use in your credits.

Hope this helps!! : )


Patricia said...

Hi Naomi
Where do you find the attribution for the photo? When I click on the blue link I can find the Attribution portion of the page but there is no link for me to copy.
This is the case even for the picture you have in your slideshow.

naomibates said...

Be patient.... Sometimes it takes awhile for the attribution link to show. If it doesn't, you'll have to find information listed as well as using the site address at the top