Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sometimes the best thing in the library is going back to the library

And I'm in the middle of that. It's all well and good to do cataloging, even better when working with web 2.0. And there's nothing like collaborating with teachers and creating presentations for them.
But there's something that has to be said about getting back into the stacks, getting dirty but putting everything in order. Should be done once a month, but it's been more than three and I've only gotten halfway through the 300's.
I'm sweating, my legs are getting a workout for standing up and bending down, but call me crazy, I like putting it in order, seeing the progress.
I think librarians have a touch of OCD. Me? LOVE to vacuum just to see the difference. Same with working in the dewey stacks.
Okay, enough weirdness for one day. Have a great weekend!!

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