Friday, January 11, 2013

REVISED: A typical Friday in the life of a librarian....or my day today

I guess this post is not only about what I'm doing on this fine Friday before finals (dead week is also dead library one comes in because they're all reviewing.  I also prefer zombie week as an alternative title) but also with the fact that there are too many people who stereotype the librarian (need I say more?  We all know how we  are stereotyped!  grrrrrr!!!!)
So here we go in time stamp, to the best of my abilities:

7:00-8:30 am: Get to work and start warming up all of the peripherals, including the teacher workroom located here.  Greet my wonderful library assistant (aka WLA), and catch up about each other's night as well as what's going on here.  Start making ID's, printing jobs for students, checking in and out books, showing students how to upload papers, answering questions about other school related activities, talk about what the Destiny Quest app can do, promote them to students.... I also got to read the Texas Monthly Bum Steer Awards feature between all the circ work.  Love this annual feature!

8:30-10:00 am:  Go through the stacks and pull books that need to be put into specific genres.  Our campus instructional technologist comes in and we confer about techno-expo projects from students, what we've done this past semester, what our goals are together and apart for our campus, how to integrate new Macbook Pros into student and teacher projects.

10:00-10:30 am:  Label the books I pulled from the genres, ask my WLA to re-label them, go to my office to start original cataloging anime books (ACK!  MY WORST GENRE TO ORIGINAL CATALOG!!!) and decide to blog my day on blogger.  Time to go back to those stinkin' anime...wish me luck.  I'll blog more after be continued...

10:30-11:15 catalog.  Nuff  said.

11:15-12:00  lunch!  During lunch I quickly scanned through emails and read only the ones I thought were important from campus.  You gotta love smart phones!

12:00-12:30  I only had about 4 left, so I finished cataloging.  19 manga in all :) 

12:30-1:15  Did a first revision for Texas Library Association's Strong Libraries Strong Scores conference for administrators.  The revisions were for letters to be sent out to admin and librarians who nominated them.  I'm sure this is the first of many...

1:15-2:00  Time to go through all the email I missed out on for the day.  Replied to some, read others, and deleted, foldered (is that a word?), and starred.  When you're subscribed to three listservs as well as campus/district email, it can be a whole lotta enchilada!!  But there is nothing like virtual collaboration and learning because of these valuable vehicles!

2:00-2:15 phone conference with my lead librarian.  Looking forward and what is on the list for this semester for our district and my campus

2:15-3:00  Time to finish up this blog post and READ!!!!!  I promised a student I'd finish Infects by Sean Beaudoin so he can have it.  Also over halfway done with Andrew Jenks: My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker and can't wait to dive into Lisa's Schroeder's Falling for You.

Yes, and this would be the time someone comes through the library and says, "I wish I had your job and just get to read all day!" uh-huh....riiiiight....

Happy weekend!!!!

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