Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is Digital Curation and How Do I Use It?

Most of us have done it, but didn't know it.  Do you have a Pinterest account?  How about Diigo or Delicious?  Ever created a Livebinders or Scoop.it?  How about Flipboard for Facebook and Twitter?  If there's a site you've joined that allows you to store information "database style" then you have curated.  I'm beginning to see more potential in this newest virtual tool, not only to collect and arrange online data, but also using the search bar to find more information as well as interact with colleagues online and see what their curation is that I can benefit from.
Today I started Scooping and I'm loving it!  I have two that I'm curating right now.  (interestingly enough, two days ago I realized I already had an account, but never used it!)  I also created a Pearltrees account about 6 months ago, but now I think I understand the concept more....
And what created this spark?  Seeing these ScoopIt links on Twitter from colleagues, which prompted to me start playing and learning it.  I've definitely scooped me some curating love!

Simply Amazing:  libraries and All Things Related
Book Trailers for 21st Century Readers

 Here are some links to information about curation and how it's used in education:

A Straightfoward Guide to using Pinterest in Education:

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What is Content Curation?

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