Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ten Best Apps to Travel With

Right now I'm about to pack my bags to get ready for summer travel.  A top priority  is technology.  They can take a long car drive or bump in the road go by faster. I love my iPad, but unfortunately, I don't have a connection to it (unless there's free Wi-Fi).  My iPhone does connect, but who really wants to squint that long?  So, here are my top ten apps (in no particular order) you don't need to have a connection for to get me from the beginning to the end of any journey and they won't cost a penny:

1. iBooks - find books or documents online and load them before you go.  iBooks will allow you to read anything you place there without connection.  Search and download now before you go and you'll have a free library traveling with you. 

2. Paper 53 - feel the need to get creative?  Use this simple and easy app to doodle, draw, and paint in personal moleskins you create.  Your creativity can be personal or something you'd like to save and use in presentations or websites when you get a connection. 

3. ShowMe - if you'd like to create an online recorded presentation, this app is what you're looking for.  Upload photos from you album, write, draw and highlight and record.  Try this only when everyone has their earphones on and quiet reigns.

4. Videolicious - This handy app has so many possibilities.  Make a simple book trailer, stitch pics together to highlight your trip, or just be creative with what you can do.  The tutorial is also available offline as well

5. DaVinci Note -this app will create beautiful collages or notes you can create now and upload later.  Use the images on your iPad, type your own thoughts and create beautiful pages to share when connection is available

6. Fast Food - it's inevitable...while on the road you have to eat.  If you're watching your weight and trying to avoid eating unwanted calories, this app has most fast food restaurants listed along with what they serve and how many calories, fat, and carbs are in that item. 

7. Candy Crush - this popular and addictive game can be played offline!  That's all I have to say about that :)

8. Minion Rush - this is a new game based off of the Despicable Me movies.  Play with these cute minions anytime with a great graphic interface.  Perfect for children and adults alike (another great alternative would be Subway Surfers, which can also be played offline)

9. Snapseed - if you have pictures and want to make them pop, use this app to modify your images with different tools and filters. 

10. iDice4 - for the more traditional gamer, this is the equivalent of Yahtzee, where you can play by yourself or with others in the car just for the fun of it.

Like packing, make sure you download whatever you may need on your iPad before hitting the road, the ocean, the air or the tracks.  And always (and most important!) keep a charger handy - you'll need it.
Safe travels!!

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