Monday, August 22, 2016

New Kind of Orientation!

Freshmen library orientation, if anything else, should be straight up interesting.  First impressions are the best (and most lasting) ones, so it is up to us to create relationships day one of meeting the first freshmen class that comes in.  Last year, I did a meme powerpoint, which the students absolutely loved!  I am going to use this again, but I thought I'd also create something else for the little time I have left afterward.  
My creation?  10 Things to Know About the Library web list.  But it isn't just any's set up like Buzzfeed and other feeds that have lists with animated gifs in it.  Fun and definitely relatable teen and tweens who are familiar with animated lists.  Pictures do tell a thousand words (boy, I'm full of classic cliches this morning!!).  Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

What fun! Love this. Where do you find your videos? Elizabeth

Naomi said...
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Naomi said... 😊

Unknown said...

Would you mind if I used some of your same wording for my new Freshman Orientation? I love your idea and would love to do something similar.