Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Teaching and Researching like a ...SHINOBI!

(And there are 65 more synonyms for "ninja" so I'm not done with these yet!)

I had a request from a biology teacher to collaborate with her on a biomes project.  She provided her lesson plans and assessments for the project and asked how could I incorporate databases and Adobe Spark into it.  I have two days, so one will be for information, the other for creation.  Here's the research project done with Adobe Spark Page.  I also have a link with two sets of database questions from Facts on File linked, if you'd like to use this lesson.

The beautiful thing about this is that is can definitely become a template for other research projects.  If realized I can switch up the activities but keep the same framework, thus making a library of these projects that can be edited with new information or products that become available. 

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