Monday, October 6, 2008

I can't believe it's been THIS LONG!!!!

October is already a week in, and I haven't posted anything. It just seems like a blur right now. I'm desperately trying to get my hands on some juicy novels. Found one called Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler. This one is making me want to keep reading and turning pages until I found out what is going on! This will be my next digital book trailer...definitely!
Right now I'm sitting in gorgeous Corpus Christi having a great time with librarians and teachers at Region 2 : ) I have always loved the coast, and when I come here, what do I think about? Gail Giles' book, You Don't Know Me.
I know that I have in my greasy little fingers the new galley from April Henry, author of Shock Point. It's called Torched. That'll be next on my agenda. But honestly, to tell you the truth, I completely threw down Last Dance at the Frosty Queen....wasn't what I expected and not what I thought. But you know, sometimes you have to glean. Not everything I pick up is great! That's the hardest part...reading something and spending time with it only to walk away a little disappointed...
Okay, rambling now. Time to stop..will post the review of Frozen Fire ASAP!

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