Sunday, October 26, 2008

A prediction I made awhile ago...

Earlier this year, I shared with some people that I think it would be so cool if there were a book that incorporated both a novel and a graphic novel fused together. And at B&N, I found one that I thought would be interesting to read. It's a book by Christopher Krovatin called Venomous. Based on previous reviews of his book Heavy Metal and You, I decided to give this a try...and it had what I was looking for! In between each chapter is a dream sequence with graphic pictures inserted. The reader gets a look not only at Locke's life and how he deals with his deep anger issues, but also get the storyline of how he views his anger subconsciously, through the use of superheroes, in his dream state. I'm loving this read and the cover...well, that's what drew me. His only redeemer from the venom of his anger his is little brother but everyone can be the victim in his war against both sides of this intense character.

Christopher Krovatin writes about life of a teen guy in NYC with realism, and the characters are equally fascinating and only add to the overall character not only of the book itself, but of Locke, the main character, as well.

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