Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Working on my booktrailer....

for Headlong (see below)
Got the images together last night and finished putting them in order and adding the story. Hopefully, I'll post this on Friday or Saturday. Have to mash it together the next few days and I'm still thinking what kind of music to add. It's not a sad book, but it's not a happy one either, definitely not a psychological's a more in between, and I'm kind of stuck on it. I'm thinking rock, punk mix. Hmmmmm....we'll see.
I'm reading up a storm too! April Henry (hey, girl! a big shout out!) sent me a galley of her newest book. Her last YA book made it on the TAYSHAS list (Shockpoint) and I'm looking forward to settling in with this one. Also in the middle of the Missing Girl by Norma Mazer. LOVING IT!!! That review and another one on The Devouring by Simon Holt will be posted tomorrow.
For awhile, I was in the doldrums with reading....couldn't find one that hooked me, and I was getting FRUSTRATED. Then...wah-laa..along comes three amazing ones. Now I'm hooked again.
My future goals:
First and foremost: start compiling information on John Green, Sean Beaudoin, and Joan Bauer as well as questions for them because I was given the opportunity to moderate their session at NCTE. My first question will be about road trips....
1. get together a presentation about library webpages and the 21st century for a presentation for the TCEA conference
2. Create at least four booktrailers by December!
3. Compile a list of books I'll booktalk at the TLA conference in April
4. Start working on my 50K program for the kids at school and incorporate Shelfari for them to blog on
At least I had backup with web 2.0 storage spots, but still....I had one I created for TASLA that I didn't save anywhere else! Stupid me.....GRRRRRR
Other than that, I'm going to sit back, enjoy Lipstick Jungle and the Fringe, and make some sushi!

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bj neary said...

Based on this blog, I found Shock Point by April Henry in my library and devoured it in 2 days and it was interesting because I had read Boot Camp the week before and Strasser's book was so disturbing while Henry's book was more suspenseful--but both books did a great job exposing boot camps and what it does to teens.