Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All I have to say right now...

Everyone MUST READ:
Julius Lester's Guardian...
short, beautifully written, and the entire time I was thinking, "please no....please don't...I can't believe these things really happened...."


I then went online to visit some of the websites Lester cited in his afterword and the images on the postcards - it makes me wonder how and why?? Of course, no powerful book is without its opponents, so headed to the website (can't remember it right now) that rates books appropriate for young and YA readers - it's for parents to "judge a book" and even there, Lester's book is rated four out of five stars. But I will agree - this is for a much older YA audience.

If you have an hour, read this. It will make you think....PERFECT compliment with Draper's Copper Sun and Volponi's Response.

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