Sunday, August 30, 2009

Books to read and those to review

I know I've slacked off on the reviews lately....don't know why, but I have read a couple that are worth reading and putting into hands of students. One of those is Hatter, the graphic novel by Frank Beddor. It takes the Looking Glass series into the graphic area, which, in my estimation, is perfect for this! Hatter M is still searching for Alyss and along the way, he encounters forces he didn't know existed, followers from Wonderland watching his every move, and an orphanage that specializes in stealing their wards' most unique gifts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, especially when the first and last parts of the GN read like a fantasy history book.

Just got the galley for Kevin Brook's new novel, Dawn....and since I am such a fan, I can't WAIT to start reading this one!!! I've devoured his other novels and this will be a treat for me : )

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