Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The best con in the world!! TLA, that is...

So, I'm sitting here in the hotel room tweaking my presentation for tomorrow, and thinking how fortunate I am to be attending Texas Library Association's annual conference. The authors, the programs, the galleys, oh my! So much to do and see. But with all conferences, I challenge all attendees afterward to use what they've learned!! Putting handouts in a folder doesn't count. What's the use? That is a mantra I've been practicing for a long time, and have used many ideas from great TX librarians like Ty Burns, Angela Steagall, Nancy Kubasek, Rene Dyer, Jennifer Smith, Dr. Teri Lesesne, Dr. Mary Ann Bell and so many gifted others.
I am surrounded by greatness, and that makes me a very very lucky person. And this year will be a busy one for me. Looking forward to the challenge.

So tonight, on the eve of TLA, I made the four hour trek from Ft. Worth to SA and resisted temptation by NOT stopping at the outlet malls. San Antone is an old hat for me, and it's nice to know my way around. Met some peeps for a little aperitif at Pat O'Brien's, along with some dinner, took a swift tour of the Menger for those who've never seen it, and am now procrastining on my "homework" while everyone else it out having a great time on the riverwalk. Such is life....

But I still have dinner with some publishers and get to meet some amazing authors!! Adventures to follow : )

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Jen said...

Naomi, congrats on TASL!! It was great to see you for that brief breakfast. I look forward to working with you and Susan and Renee and all the rest of the youth group people. Hope you weren't too overwhelmed with all that awaits you. I AM overwhelmed, but it will all be great.

Jennifer Smith