Sunday, April 4, 2010

The impact of displays

So...I think we all change around our displays. At the library I work in, I have books on the shelves, on floating displays and have separate shelving for the new books that come in. I go with different displays, the latest being the TAYSHAS titles. Before that, it was all about spring and spring break books.

Been doing the in-shelf displays too, like B&N does, with one book of a set sitting on top of them. Those have been eye-catchers as well. And it makes the shelving look pretty cool too - more like bookstore than typical library.

This past week I decided to do something different. I created a .wmv of my booktalk animotos that feature covers and a short blurb for the last two booktalks as well as this upcoming one and displayed it on a computer screen on the circ desk. Beside it, I have some of the books that are being shown on-screen. It did my heart good to see kids stop and watch...then go over and get a book. LOVED IT!

And then the playaways came in. Put those on display and in one morning, one display got wiped out! Yippee!! What caught their eye was the orange plastic covers and what exactly they were. I should do a side-by-side of book to playaway as well. Will work on that one tomorrow!

But as I commented on in a previous post, I'm going to do an experiment with color. Each shelf will get popular YA books and they're going to be by color. Displays on one shelf will be red, another shelf will be blue, another white, another black. Since these are more prominent they reflect school colors. Different displays around the library will be orange, yellow and purple. I'm going to see which one catches reader's eyes....

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Mrs. M said...

Love the idea of displaying by color! I think I'll try that soon...Do you think you can post some pics of your shelves with the B&N display concept? Thanks!