Monday, April 26, 2010

Booktrailer Tech Tip Mondays! Topic: Attribution

I've been asked time and again about where the link is to the blog post about how I create booktrailers. It's in the archive somewhere (I'll tag it after finishing this), but as I was thinking about all the questions someone may have, I decided to start a booktrailer tech tip of the week. Always on Mondays because it's just easy to remember.
These are going to be small things that I may miss during a workshop or just find out on my own! Not only will there be tips, but links, highlights, favorites and something a little juicy to (hopefully!) whet your here's BTT#1!!

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON YOUR TRAILER...attribution! I use creativecommons flickr pretty much for everything I use. (and when I use caps, I'm not yelling...promise!) You can find these at: or on the website. If going that route, make sure you click on the flickr tab and CLICK ON THE FIND BUTTON IN THE GREEN.

Here's what a typical attribution looks like. You find this in the "Additional Information" on the right hand side hyperlinked by the "some rights reserved" words:

(click on the image to get a bigger view of the full link)
But all you need to truly attribute it on your trailer is this:

It's found within that huge first link towards the gives the name of the website, name of the imageholder, and number id of the image.

Hope this helps!!

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Patricia said...

Hi Naomi,
Just came back here to get a refresher on using Creative Commons since I'm doing an instructional session.

I'm finding that most of the time the attribution doesn't show up so I'm having to use the link in the url bar at the top of the page. This despite the fact that if will state people are free to use and share.

I haven't made any new book trailers as I've been occupied with other things. Actually, I've done one other trailer for the book Three Rivers Rising but I haven't been able to find music I like for it. So it remains unfinished. :(