Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twitter or Blogging? What a beautiful mess....

I'm not new to the whole social media network.  It's just that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the redundancy that can potentially happen when you have so many different networks you're using.  Of course, Youtube and Schooltube hold exclusively video, so it just makes sense that's where I put my book trailers.  But then there's the ubiquitous task of what I put on my blog versus what I post on Twitter.  Right now all of my book reviews are on my blog, but should I also post links to my Twitter account?  And technology...most of the cool things I find online and share are found on my Twitter account, but do I post them on my blog?

This is the conundrum.  Finding two very distinct platforms, I feel like I should treat them like sisters - give each of them loving attention while understanding the different personalities they are.  They both have some of the same friends, but they also have different friends they play with (friends = followers).  I ask myself, "If I find the same information on Twitter, why should I follow on Blogger...or vice versa.  It's that ugly redundant head poking it's way into the twisted wires of technology.

 So, for now, I have decided to keep them separated.  I know how cramped it can be when sisters begin to share a room.  Believe me, I had to share with TWO! : )

So, if you want to follow my posts on  Twitter, please do!  I just posted two fabulously amazing sites a few minutes ago on twitter (@yabooksandmore).  And if you like what I post on Blogger, I sure do appreciate ya'll!!  Any every now and again, I'll have to just post the same thing on both.  I already do this in tandem with my book trailers.  So check it out and follow if you'd like.

 It could be too much YABAM (YABooksAndMore)  ....WOW!!  That sounds like a PERFECT onomatopoeia word!!  ie, I need a trailer/book review to put in a booktalk...YABAM!!!  hahahaha!!  Testing days make me giddy at the end of the day, forgive my punchiness :)
See you online!

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