Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Alex couldn't wait for his parents and bratty little sister to leave.  This would be the first time he'd be spending summer at home alone.  It was all about World of Warcraft and whatever he wanted to do.  No more nagging from his mom.  No more disinterested looks from his dad.  He couldn't wait....

But that was yesterday.  Today, all he can think about is his family.  His house burned down to the ground.  His eardrums are near to bursting with the sound filling the air for hours on end.  The unending ash from the sky.  No phones, no electricity....this is the new life he'll need to get used to.  A super volcano in Yellowstone erupted, and Alex is now in the red zone.

After seeing the horror of his neighbor defending his home from thugs, Alex has a target in mind.  He's decided to go from Iowa to Illinois to get to his Uncle Warren's home where the rest of the family is.  He has no idea who he'll meet, or what his obstacles are, but he's determined to do this.

Dangers await him at every turn, but the biggest danger of all is the threat of no water or food.  Ash has covered and killed everything, and armed only with a backpack of supplies, Alex knows what starvation feels like.  He also knows the dangers of people now desperate for any food, water or supplies - even if it means killing for it. 

Mike Mullin, welcome to the world of YA!!  For a first novel, this natural disaster adventure book will fill the spot of anyone looking for a thrilling read.  Although at times predictable, it nonetheless has the qualities of a thriller to keep the reader wondering what will happen to the main character.  Very much along the lines of Susn Pfeffer's trilogy, the first book of Mullin's series ends perfectly, without that
cliff-hanger ending that precludes to another book.  It is satisfying and stands on its own easily.  The plot as well as the science behind the super volcano is very well thought out and Mullin's imagination depicts the levels humanity will go to in order to survive.  Recommended

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cleemckenzie said...

I'm not a huge dystrophia fan, but you've made this one intriguing.