Thursday, May 17, 2012

New book trailer: Blood Red Road by Moira Young

I can't believe I haven't picked up this book yet!  Those of you who are thirsty for more Hunger Games type books will love this one!  The characters are vivid, the setting dynamic, the plot runs smooth. 

The only difference I could find is that this dystopian book is void of technology - the Wreckers, those humans who lived in the past, completely decimated society and their environments.  The characters in this one have to start over from the start.

If you've ever read a book with dialect (think Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain) you'll also find it in this book, but it isn't so difficult to read that you'd put it down.  It only adds to the layer of a future society trying to turn itself around from the ruins of nothing.

Saba is a strong female character who has prowess, cunning and talent she didn't know she possesses.  The people she meets are vile, evil, insane as well as those who are survivors, fighters, and thinkers. 

In this future where the rulers want to make the general population subservient through chaal, a plant with drug-inducing power, it takes a handful of people like Saba to begin the destruction of this corrupt part of civilation. 

Part of this novel reminded me so much of dystopian fiction, but another part of me recognized the hero's journey and instantly thought of fantasy.  There are no mythological beasts, but Saba's crow Nero does play into the story. 
LOVED IT!!  Here's a trailer I created for the book.  It'll be on Youtube shortly....was taking a long time to process.  So here's the link to the one on the NHS Library webpage:
It can be downloaded as well


Youtube link:

BTW, there are currently two covers that I know of for this first book.  The top is the original one - I like it better than the revamped version, personally.  Colors seem to work better for me.



Rita said...

Love your book trailers. I have been trying to make a book trailer for this one for a couple of months, but have not found the images I like. I think you have captured this book very well. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That trailer is too spoiler-ish for my liking. I liked the FreeHawks and other characters being surprises in the novel;I think that trailer gives too much info away :/

Novella Byrd said...

I have to disagree with Anonymous, I didn't think your trailer was a spoiler at all and many of the images you chose were very symbolic of the novel. Loved this book, loved your trailer; the only thing I had to accept was the "dialect"; it did not discourage me from reading and after thinking about it, it makes sense that they wouldn't communicate in perfect grammar...I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

Naomi Bates said...

Thanks guys for enjoying it :)