Friday, December 4, 2015

Best of 2015 - Booklists for Young Adults

At the end of every year, booklists start coming out.  Many of them are booklists that have been created by organizations such as ALA and state associations.  These titles have been vetted, read, discussed, and selected based on literary merit as one of the main driving forces creating certain lists. 
Others are quite different in that they're created by users and readers.  They aren't part of a committee and are part of a voting poll or survey to see what they feel is the best of 2015. 
Regardless of type of booklist, they're out!  It's also interesting to see how many of the same titles can be found on each list.  So how many of them have you read? :)

Here's a list with link of many of those booklists:

Morris Award Finalists (debut YA authors)

YALSA's Best of the Best Top Ten lists (from six different lists)

Texas Library Association TAYSHAS list (best YA books 2016 list)

Texas Library Association Maverick list (best YA graphic novels 2016 list)

National Book Award Lists (excellence in YA poetry, fiction and non-fiction)

Publishers Weekly Best YA Books of 2015

School Library Journal YA Best Books of 2015

Goodreads Best YA Fiction (based on readers' votes)

Goodreads Best YA Fantasy and Science Fiction (based on readers' votes)

The Telegraph's Best YA Books of 2015

Amazon's Best Books of the Year (So Far 2015)

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