Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Girls' Book of Glamour: A guide to being a goddess

Scholastic will put this book out in January 2009, so be prepared to get a copy or three of this one! My 12 year old daughter, Maddy, sadly to say, isn't a big reader. It takes a certain book to really hook her and I haven't seen this happen since she read Number the Stars a couple of months ago. Anyway, I got in this ARC and it has been sitting in my pile o'reading when she picked it up. A few minutes later, she comes rushing into the living room asking, "Mom, can I keep this book?"

I believe this reaction will happen to MANY girls who pick this book up. Why? Simply, because there aren't a whole of books about the subject of girls and the girly things they are interested in. Want to know how to shiniest hair ever? How about having the prettiest summer feet? And let's not forget about the how to deal with zits! It's not about being a model - it's about being the prettiest girl you can possibly be.

This book has the cover and artwork of a book from the 1940s'1950's, but the information is very 21st century. Lots of dog-ears and late night reading at sleepovers will be the product of this helpful books for tweens and teens. Moms may just pick it up as well!! There is a companion book The Boys' Book of Survival: how to survive anything, anywhere. Will read that tonight!

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