Friday, August 29, 2008

What a week!

School has definitely started, and if anyone shares the angst of migrating to a new circ system, I am now in the pool of those who have been bamboozled, frustrated, confused, and learning. So, with that said, ain't no books be read recently. Well, I should say I've started a few and am working on a new book trailer. I'm reading Angel by Cliff far, so good - am liking it! And the booktrailer is Saving Juliet. Now, to put it all together and enjoy LABOR DAY!! I've got to make a list of books talked this first go-round not only for my school, but for the Region XX presentation in September...
I HATE that my school has blocked web 2.0! A huge GRRRRRRRR.....grrrrr

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Mrs.Robertson said...

What do you mean they've blocked Web 2.0? Do you mean they've blocked ALL the possible Web 2.0 tools or just a few of the potentially problematic ones? My school blocks stuff, but then I just try to find a way around to get to what I need to do. It's a bit of a vicious circle otherwise. If it is blocked and no one shows them the potential, they'll never unblock it. So... in a quiet revolution, I find a way to still use it, then I show the board.
I agree though... it is INCREDIBLY frustrating - especially if you use something you don't know is blocked, prep all weekend then get to school and discover that it won't work!