Sunday, August 31, 2008

Preview trailer for fall booktalk is ready!

I used a preview trailer last semester, and it had a very positive reaction. Students, when they came into the lecture hall, weren't talking, but looking at the trailer, especially with the music that goes with is. As the kids would say, Animoto is SICK! I agree... : )
Here are the titles I'll be presenting in a couple weeks. Enjoy!

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Mrs.Robertson said...

Hi Naomi,
Thanks for sharing your bookpreview trailer. I'm a middle school librarian who is also always looking for interesting ways to bring the kids back to loving and reading books. I liked the Animoto idea - I've played with it a bit, but think I'll go back and have a second look since it's now out of its Beta phase. Just out of curiosity, will you have any repercussions or negative feedback from staff for your choice of music (reference to drinking, and "I knew she was a nympho"... etc.) I think the kids would like it, but my staff and parents would NOT be happy. Just wondered.