Saturday, February 6, 2010

2009 List of Under-praised YA

I troll through so many sites and blogs looking for books that'll whet my appetite, keep me on the edge of YA lit, and fill my love for reading and sharing YA lit. There has been a slew (or is it slough?) of YA reading out there, and the best of the best made the accoladed lists and got the well-deserved literary slap on the back. But there were some, in my opinion, that deserved that slap on the back but only got a tap. Many of these books made booklists, either national or state level, but weren't publicized as much as I thought they should. So here's my homage to those books that ROCKED the 2009 lists and reasons why. Keep in mind also, I'm looking at 2008-09 copyright dates because that's what is usually put on the year's current lists.

Soul Enchilada by David Gill (2009): This has lots of humor and as much wit about two young people in El Paso looking to get rid of their demons - not your typical "undead" book because it really makes you laugh!!

Skinned by Robin Wasserman (2008): In this dystopic future, there really is nothing left of Lia, literally, but she's still alive. Where do medical ethics draw the line, and how far would a parent go to save their child?

Parliament of Blood by Justin Richards 2008): Vampires in Victorian England are being hunted by archaelogist intern, a lovely actress, and a street urchin. Steampunk it's not, but it as close to it as it comes.

Destroy all Cars by Blake Nelson (2009): Read about James Hoff's life through English essays, including his love/hate relationship with his girlfriend, his friends and his parents.

In the Small by Michael Hague (2008): This graphic novel takes a look at a worldwide event that metamorphs human to seven inches tall...can you even imagine the chaos? You can with this one!

Playing with Matches (2008): Has to be one of the most powerful romance stories I've read in a year. Where does true beauty lie, especially with teenagers. My personal take on this book - it doesn't get picked up much because the cover isn't "there"...AMAZING book.

Dirty Laundry by Daniel Ehrenhaft(2009): In a private school, this is part mystery, part romance all Ehrenhaft. This man can write with humor and wit, as displayed in his previous books.

Life on the Refrigerator Door(2007): okay okay, this isn't technically a 2009 book, but it's only one year off and I don't think it even recieved a pat on the back! Every girl who has read this book (fast read, prose fiction) has come back saying how much she cried. If a book can get that emotional response out of teenagers, it's worth buying and putting on the shelf! I dare you to read it and not cry....

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