Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hype or Not?

Verdict is still out for me....trying to decide if an electronic reader of any kind is a substitute for the real thing. I bought this a year ago because, honestly, everyone was talking about them. Haven't used it any at all during that year except to learn how to download free books onto it.

But then I received news on how you can get a free e-galley of Susan Pfeffer's new book, The World We Live In, via a website. This was one I've been wanting to read (and yes, I've got a review in my head that I'll blog tomorrow) and so I dug up the e-reader to get it.

I've read it in my office, during lunch, even took it to bed with me. Read it in bright light, natural light, and the quiet light on my bedside table. And still....didn't feel, smell or handle like the real thing. But I got the galley!

But I can't write on, highlight, take notes, make lists for a trailer with the e-reader. Can't give it to another person to get their take and/or converse with them through the e-reader (hey, I love my colleagues, but with a nearly $300.00 machine, it may get a little tricky). Can't tell the kids who have devoured Pfeffer's two others that I have a surprise for them....but I got the galley for sixty days!

This is a great marketing technique for Harcourt, and I actually do applaud theirs and the other publishers who decided to go "green" with their galleys and be able to give more out for reviewers than through snail mail and paper copies. Thank you so much for this opportunity publishers!! And I'm not picking on them.

I'm still trying to decide if I like e-readers or not!! Hmmmmm-ugh. I can't get Marvin Gaye's song, "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby" out of my head...


Anonymous said...

are you listening to that on your ipod :)

"real things" change!

Jacquie said...

One of my students showed me her Kindle the other day - and showed me how she can take notes with it. She reads assignments and for fun.

I've been tempted - but figured I'd end up not using it. But I must say - I AM tempted by the iPad. If the iBookstore they put together ends up anything like iTunes - I might take the plunge!

thomsherry1 said...

Personally, the only time I wish I had an e-reader is when I go on a long trip. It would be a great advantage to be able to travel without hauling around all the books I want to read while on vacation!

Sherry said...

Personally, I only wish I had an e-reader when I go on a long trip. I think it would be great to travel without hauling around all the books I want to read while on vacation!

naomibates said...

Never thought about that Sherry....good point! Thanks for mentioning that : )