Friday, February 19, 2010

What a great idea I'm going to use!!

We had another district library meeting this past week, and I had the the honor of showing our librarians some web 2.0 they can start using to promote their libraries. One librarian at one of our junior highs shared with us how she can't get into the classrooms because of lack of staffing but had a great program going on. After I heard about it, I told her, "You may not be in the classroom physically, but you are definitely there remotely and use the library to make an impact!!" Here's what she's doing:

She told the teachers how to embed Shelfari into their teacher webpages. The teachers involved created a classroom shelf, where students put in books they've read. This is all teacher-led because they may be more in tune with what the kids are reading. Those books get put on the shelf and the classroom Shelfari with the most books wins a pizza party!!

I'm going to modify it by doing this:
Ask teachers to create a classroom Shelfari. Post a list of approved booklists on the library webpage they must choose from to read. This will help prevent them from double dipping into books read at the beginning of school or even last year as well as teachers cheating (oh my!! yes....some will) to win. They will be books I'm familiar with and/or have read.
When a students posts a Shelfari book, they MUST tag and review the book before any pages get counted. I'll be doing this not by the amount of books, but by amount of pages. All reviews must have the teacher's name, class period and student initials. Teachers and I will regularly review the reviews for authenticity.
After a subscribed set of time, I'll ask teachers to count pages and that class will win!!!
That's what using web 2.0 with students will do! I'm so EXCITED about this and am THANKFUL for the librarian (shoutout to Pam from CTMS!!!) for sharing. Isn't this a great idea!!
BTW, my updated shelfari's right there on the right hand side : )

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